Terms & Conditions

The Splush Mobile application Terms and Condition (Ts & Cs) for users. Splush is a mobile application for ordering car wash services. It enables users (motorists) to request car wash service at their preferred location and time from service providers registered on the platform. The Splush mobile application is a product of BuntuSoft (PTY) LTD (2018047708/07), founded in the Republic of South Africa and operates from Centurion, Pretoria.

The Splush mobile application Terms and Condition for users (Motorist) Splush is a mobile Application for ordering car wash services, it enables motorist to request a car wash service at their preferable location and time from service providers registered on the platform. The Splush mobile application is a product of BuntuSoft (PTY) LTD (2018047708/07), founded in the Republic of South Africa and operates from Centurion, Pretoria. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, from time to time in our sole discretion.

1. The Splush mobile Application

1.1 The use of the Splush app requires an installation of the application on your device and registration of a user account. The registration process entails capturing of full name, email address, contact number, user name, password and registering as a client. This information will then be linked to the Splush database

1.2 A user will need to link their card for payment, either a debit or credit card. Cash is not acceptable.

1.3 Application failure or queries related to the app can be sent directly to support@splushmobile.com.

1.4 The Splush Application only facilitate engagement between User and service providers and link payment to the third party payment gateway. Other payment dispute and queries must be address with the user’s bank.

1.5 The Splush mobile application team is not responsible for device and network failure, individuals must ensure that their mobile supports the application and t they have good network coverage

2. Ordering and cancellation of a car wash

2.1 Once a User request a service and the Service provider accept the transaction, it is considered pre-approved

2.2 Once a Service provider accepts the job, the user will be notified who the service provider is and their whereabouts. Upon arrival the Service provider will notify the user. If the user does not open the gate or respond within 10 minutes upon arrival of the Service provider the transaction will be cancelled and the user will be charged a cancellation fee of R25

2.3 If a Service provider accepts a job and cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances the user will be notified within 5 minutes after accepting the job. A penalty fee will not be charged to the User

2.4 Splush has the right to revoke the right to use the app if a user is found to have waived three consecutive payments within a day. The User will be notified on their third attempt to waive a transaction and if they continue their account will be deactivated/blocked. User will have to contact Splush regarding activating their account.

3 Using of the Splush App


3.1. The Splush mobile application enables motorists who are looking for car wash services to find car wash Service providers within their location by sharing the two Users information within the application

3.2 The Splush App team will try to resolve the application faults timely, however, this does not guarantee that all faults can be resolve instantly

3.4. Splush will try by all means to influence or hold Service providers accountable for unsatisfactory services. However, it must be noted that we cannot guarantee 100% satisfaction.

3.3 As mention above, the Splush app is just a platform where motorist and car wash Service providers interact regarding car wash services. Therefore, Splush cannot influence or take any responsibility for the quality or defects of the services. For this reason, we are unable to guarantee consistently accurate a car wash.

3.4 User have the option to rate a service provider, once a service provider is found in breach of their service quality agreement. Splush will then act accordingly to such a Service provider

4. Information processing

4.1 Splush shall have the right to add Users personal data to our data base and share with Service providers for car wash purposes only in accordance with our privacy policy

4.2 Splush shall have the right to update the terms and condition and privacy policy if needs arise. It is the user’s responsibility to our website for any changes

4.3. Splush integrates with third party payments gateways (SID, PayFast, etc.) for payment processing, therefore user banking details will be link to the selected payments gateway. However, Splush will strive to ensure that user information is protected

5. Splush user’s conduct expectation

5.1 Splush expects its users to use the app in good faith and to be respectful to the Service providers who wash their cars